Dear Ashokaites,
I would like to begin with a quote by Steve Jobs: “Never Stop Learning, there is always ‘one more thing to learn”

Indeed life is all about continual improvement. We may be good in what we do, but remember – ‘Good is the enemy of Great’. Greatness is what we should always be striving for.

I recently completed few online courses from Harvard Business School, and I realized that this method of learning is a need of the hour. It not only gives access to knowledge from the comfort of your laptop or mobile, it ensures that the essence of the course gets injected into your thinking process. 

Ashoka Buildcon Learning Environment is an attempt to facilitate a similar learning environment within Ashoka.

I invite my experienced team members in the organization to come forward and create learning modules based on their areas of expertise and be a contributor in the noble cause of knowledge sharing.

I request all participants to not only learn from these modules but also to implement the knowledge gained into their working.

ABLE has just begun its journey it welcomes valuable suggestions to become better and more effective. 


 Ashoka Buildcon Learning Environment has been conceptualized to facilitate an online learning platform where participants can learn in a flexible time frame. The software for the same has been developed by Ashoka Purestudy.

The learning modules offered by ABLE are short and based on practical experience, They are being prepared by experts within the Ashoka Family as well as by professional trainers from the industry.

How ABLE works :-

1.      Participants are issued User Id’s and Passwords for the relevant course/s

2.      The modules (ranging between half an hour to 2.5 hours) are divided into small video lessons.

3.      After you have finished seeing a video lesson, click on ‘Finish Current Lesson’ button and then click on ‘Next Lesson’. This will unlock the next video.


4.      Quiz breaks have been provided at intervals to help the participant consolidate the knowledge imparted in the videos.

5.      There are different types of quizzes. Some questions may have single answer and some may have multiple correct answers. Read the question carefully before answering.

6.      Some answers may be available in the video and some may require the participant search for answers from other sources e.g. internet.

7.   At the end of each course, the participant is required to complete assignment/s to ensure that the core concepts shared in the module have been understood. Once completed the student is issued a certificate of completion from the corporate office of Ashoka Buildcon Learning Environment.

      Happy Learning !

      Vyomprakash Shrivastava
      Program Head
      Ashoka Buildcon Learning Environment.


            Core Team

  • Mr. Ajit Patil
  • Mr. Vyom Shrivastava
  • Mr. Anil Shimpi
  • Mr. Avadhut Deshpande
  • Mr. Chandrakant Samangade
  • Mr. Devendra Marode 
  • Mr. Kaushal Nikumbh
  • Mr. Vitthal Ghorpade 
  • Mr. Yogesh Chowdhary

          Technical Team

  • Mr. Sanjay Baviskar
  • Mr. Suraj Lotlikar
  • Mr. Suraj Tikhe
  • Mr. Nilesh Patil
  • Mr. Sandip Naik
  • Mr. Sujit Nale
  • Mr. Prashant Adalinge

          HR Dept. Team

  • Yogesh Padwal
  • Amol Sangale
  • Niraj Vidya
  • Akshay Pansare
  • Gaurav Pardeshi
  • Prithvi Singh
  • Vishal Saudankar
  • Abhijeet Mantri
  • Abhilash Jain
  • Abhishek Mondal
  • Ajay Srivastava
  • Alok Kumar
  • Alok Srivastawa
  • Anil Kamle
  • Ankush Atkar
  • Anthony Sami
  • Arif Raja
  • Devendra Kumar
  • Dinesh Mishra
  • Ganesh Vikhe
  • Gunjan Anand
  • Guntha Bijaya
  • Kiran Murachitti
  • Mallik Arjun
  • Narayan Bisoyi
  • Nitin Sonje
  • Nur Khan
  • Pawan Kumar
  • Prabhat Jha
  • Prasad Mokashe
  • Pritam Koche
  • Rajeev Lochan
  • Rajesh Pandey 
  • Ranjeeb Shee
  • Ravikant Sharma
  • RK Patnaik
  • Rohit Jagtap
  • Sachin Telore
  • Sandeep Malusare
  • Sandip Burde
  • Satendra Singh
  • Shambhu Pandey
  • Shobhit Trivedi
  • Shubnath Yadav
  • Shyam Prasad
  • Somanath Sonawane
  • Subrat Sahoo
  • Uday Rajpal
  • Uday Singh
  • Uttam Pandey

      Safety Dept. Team

  • Anil Namdev Nikam.
  • Sadashiv Manohar Borade.
  • Sagar Sudam Thoke.
  • Videsh Shankar Kothawade.
  • Suvarna Arjun Aware.
  • Sushant Ramesh Jagtap.
  • Sagar Bhagwat Boraste.
  • Tanoj Rajendra Chougule.
  • Harshith P.B Raji.
  • Ravichandra M R.
  • Devanand Tikaram khotele.
  • Durga Prasad Shetty.
  • Bhanuchandra Bhairi Dumpala.
  • Tushar Wagh.
  • Vijay Balu Ranade
  • khirod Kumar Bansidhar Sahoo.
  • Yuraj Fulsingh Khinchi.
  • Tanmay chandrasen Gupta.
  • Parasappa durgappa Gollar.
  • Anujkumar Rajendra Singh.
  • Ankit Kumar
  • Bijaya Kumar Tripathy.
  • Amulya Ratna Paikaray.
  • Ankit Kumar Mishra.
  • Om Prakash Yadav.
  • Sanjeet Kumar khushwaha.
  • Raghwendra Pratap Singh.
  • Chandrashekhar Mani.
  • Rajesh Kumar Chaubey.
  • Puneet Kumar Pandey.
  • Salman khan.